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About Pack 897

Cub Scout Pack 897 meets at the Danish Lutheran Church and Cultural Center in Yorba.  Our Pack runs an annual program meeting every fourth Thursday of the month. And although we slow down for the summer, we typically plan several fun, family oriented activities during these months.

The Pack membership ranges from 30 to 40 boys in 1st through 5th grade. The program is geared for boys in these grades with increasingly challenging programs aimed at each age level. The objective is to prepare the boy for the Boy Scout program and Have Fun!



Tiger Cubs
Our 1st graders are introduced into Cub Scouts with the Tiger Cub Program. It consists of parent/son teams from 5-8 families, who meet once a month, choosing their activities with the Tiger Cub Leader. The emphasis is placed upon the discovery of new ideas and building strong relationships within the family and with other Cubs.  Tigers are recruited at the end of their Kindergarten year so they can participate over the summer and their entire 1st grade year.


Wolf & Bear Dens
Our 2nd graders work on their Wolf badge and our 3rd graders on their Bear badge. These two levels consist of Dens from 5-9 boys and follow a handbook outlining achievements and electives. These Dens meet 2-3 times a month for 1-1½ hours led by Den Leaders. At these meetings, the boys are taught the fundamentals of good citizenship and working and playing with others. Arts, crafts, games, skills, and field trips are used to learn about nature, health, love and appreciation for our country and balanced living.


Our 4th graders are our Webelos and our 5th graders are the Arrow or Light rank.  These two levels are really a 2-year program working towards the “Arrow of Light” and preparing for Boy Scouts. They have regular meetings 1-3 times a month and an outing once a month working towards the following Activity Pins: Aquanaut, Artist, Athlete, Citizen, Communicator, Craftsman, Engineer, Family Member, Fitness, Forester, Geologist, Handyman, Naturalist, Outdoorsman, Readyman, Scholar, Scientist, Showman, Sportsman and Traveler. Webelos is really the beginning of the Boy Scout program. Achieving the Arrow of Light award is recognized throughout scouts and is even recognized as a knot worn on adult uniforms.


Outings, Events, & Service Projects

Once a month, all of the Ranks and their family members come together for a Pack meeting to share their Den experiences with the entire Pack. Below are many of the other events & service projects that our pack has participated in recently:


Summer Day Camp

Blue & Gold Banquet

Snow Day

Tide Pool Adventure in Crystal Cove

Cal State Fullerton Baseball Game

Fort MacAurthur

BMX Track Racing

Christmas Caroling

Raingutter Regatta

Roller Skating


Scout O Rama

Train ride to the USS Midway aircraft carrier

Pinewood Derby

California Coastal Cleanup Service Project


Scouting for Food service project


For More information regarding Pack 897,

please contact us at recruiter@pack897.com